If you want to understand more about operating Floc, take a look at our FAQs below for the solutions to a variety of common issues. You’ll also find help and advice on how to get the best out of the system.

If you are a customer or a member of a club/organisation wanting to book onto an activity then you need to access the portal here. You should only sign up online as a club/organisation if you want to create a organisational account to manage your club or activity via Floc.

Organisation accounts are created here.

The short answer is yes, but the longer version is centred around sharing best practice from a range of organisations and types of sectors. Some of the biggest challenges are simply in terms of confronting change and understanding the benefits of adapting. We are happy to assess how you are operating and do this in a friendly, collaborative way. We don't have all the answers and sometimes just a chat can help create a way forward. 

Complete this form for support which is not covered by the above sections.

Simply click on the "register" link at the top of this page to access the organisation registration page. The process is very simple and once you have verified your email (so we know your address is correct) you step through an easy to use wizard. Part of the setup process includes registering with GoCardless our integrated Direct Debit partner and providing some verification for that service too. 

Not long at all! Setting up an organisation on Floc is very simple to do and takes less than 5 minutes (even if your a one finger typist). You can either create your connected GoCardless account at the same time or later once you have all your information together. Full integration between your organisation and GoCardless via Floc can take up two days due to money laundering regulations but is often much quicker.  GoCardless supports one off payments as well as recurring payments (via direct debit) and requires a test payment (usually of 1p) between your bank account and GoCardless.

The GoCardless connection is available to registered companies (and LLP partnerships), charities and individuals (sole traders for example). If you're a company but not registered, you should sign up as an individual with a sole bank account. This will not affect the operation of your account.

Simples. Create your colleague within the Floc web portal under the staff tab and that creates an invite to the person in question. They can then accept the invite and download the app. Floc knows they are a staff member and provides registers and posts for the courses and members under their supervision.

Indeed it can. Floc was designed to not only work with one-off events and sessions but also camps. The event schedule is very flexible and supports the creation of camp sessions and varying prices. You might for example, create an early drop off session between 8:00am and 9:00am and then a main morning session from 9:00AM to 12:30PM and so on. Each session can have variable times and costs (if applicable).

Yes. You can simply add an event/course as a free course and Floc will not charge or add any subscriptions for that event. We currently allow unlimited free events but these are subject to a fair usage policy or a bespoke licence should all your events be nil cost to users. Please note that there is a minimum fee for direct debit processing via the banks (still much lower than card fees) so please contact us if unsure of how to proceed.

That's fine, Floc allows you to do this and allocates a unique code that you can use in your communications to allow your members or customers to sign up.

Running recurring sessions are helping clubs across the country reduce admin and focus on growing numbers and delivering better service.  With Floc you can create sessions to run throughout the year, and invite members to sign up to a monthly DD.  With only a months commitment at a time, it's less hassle for them and less hassle for you.  Create your course in 3 minutes and say goodbye to your admin for 12 months.  Members will simply book and pay directly in their app and they will appear in the coaches register.  Heres how you could structure a year:

Offer 42 sessions during the year, for the price of 40 to allow for sessions missed due to bad weather or holidays

Split those 40 paid-for sessions over 12 monthly instalments

No more collecting cheques, chasing parents for payments, and then doing the dreaded bank run.  Floc and GoCardless team up to take the hassle away and free up your time.

Floc supports you by providing facilities to set up your own bespoke questions that are relevant for your events, programs or organisations. These are then presented to the member/customer when they sign up to an event. Subsequently, that same information is provided to a coach/organiser when they register the customer at the associated event.

Our very easy to use and understand web portal (for organisations) allows you to see at a glance your fill rates, payment status and more. It's the main dashboard every time you login (after you have set up events and staff).

Yes. Floc works perfectly for both recurring and one-off events. Imagine holding a club dinner or master class with a single payment. When you create the event, simply define it as a one-off and Floc will do the rest. Your members or customers will simply pay in the same way as you do for other sessions you hold but will only be charged once.

Great question. As Floc integrates with GoCardless and the Direct Debit system, the timings of receiving funds are as follows (we are assuming you have fully set up your account by the way) but essentially payments are made 3 working days from when payment was collected.

The following payment timings presume that all required actions are completed before 4pm. If the customer's authorisation or the payment creation is completed after 4pm, there would be an additional day in the process. (Monday is used as the example start day).

For customers without an active Direct Debit mandate (who need to authorise):

Mon (Day 0) - Customer completes the authorisation form. Details of the customer's new mandate is sent to their bank to set up (providing this was done before 4pm). If a payment was linked to the authorisation, this is created in our system and can be viewed in your GoCardless and Floc dashboard.

Tues (Day 1) - Customer's bank processes mandate creation request. The customer is also sent an automated payment notification email if one is due to be charged as soon as possible (in 3 working days time).

Wed (Day 2) - We receive notification from the customer's bank informing us whether or not their mandate was set up successfully. If so, their payment is submitted to Bacs for processing at 4pm. (We can only cancel a created payment before this point).

Thur (Day 3) - Customer's bank receives the payment request and is subsequently processed by Bacs.

Fri (Day 4) - Customer charge date

Sat & Sun - nothing happens

Mon (Day 5) - Customer's bank confirms the updated status of the payment i.e. successful, failed, etc. (updates in dashboard at 12pm)

Tue (Day 6) - Funds paid out to you, between 3-5pm.


b. For customers with an active Direct Debit mandate:

Mon (Day 0) - Payment created in GoCardless. Notification email sent to customer (provided the payment is not part of a recurring subscription of the same value as previous charge amount).

Tues (Day 1) - Payment submitted to Bacs for processing at 4pm.

Wed (Day 2) - Payment processed by customer's bank.

Thur (Day 3) - Customer charge date

Fri (Day 4) - Payment status confirmed by customer's bank.

Sat & Sun - nothing happens

Mon (Day 5) - Funds paid out to merchant, between 3-5pm.

In short yes, but Floc requires unique email addresses for accounts. So if you accessed Floc as an organiser/instructor then you may wish to use a "work" email e.g. and personal e.g. to keep things separate and clean.  If that is not possible then you can use a + sign in your email address but you must remember to use the correct one for instructor / personal e.g.

We provide a free to access portal at this link (where your users register an account).

Once you have directed your members to this, and you have created some events, they can easily access your activities and sign up in one easy step. 

The portal allows them to interact with coaches/instructors with goals and progress tracking. They can also add dependents and see at a glance the schedule for the family.

Communication is seamless with our messaging function.  Interact with coaches and other members within the system.

We can provide the links and information for you to promote your  access to your members, simply get in touch.

Contact us if you need a quick guide to send to your customers/members.

If you are a user and getting this in the app screen when you attempt to login, you have inadvertently started the organisation registration process. 

Simply click on the "Create Account" button at the bottom of the app display and follow the steps to get started with Floc.

You can create any dependents under your main account and track all activities all in one place. A dependent can also have their own version of Floc but no permissions to pay for events (but you can allow this if you want).

There are three ways to check this:

  1. You will receive a confirmation email from Floc with the details of the event or course you signed up to. This may be sat in your junk/spam folder (booo) so check there too. Please add to your address book / safe sender list to prevent this.
  2. Your calendar in the app (bottom toolbar - calendar icon) will show you the course/event date.
  3. Under your profile within the app you can click on the payments icon and check your payment / booking status with there.  You can also cancel your bookings here if you need to (direct debit timings apply).

We take both organisation and end user data privacy very seriously. All information is subject to our privacy policy and all data is hosted in the UK/Europe via Amazon Web Services for all the Floc components. 

We do not hold any bank or card details and at this time no card processing is carried out. We integrate with GoCardless for direct debit payment processing.

You can review the privacy policies applied to the payment processing carried out by GoCardless here and the direct debit guarantee.

We have seen on android versions (and devices) some have "interesting" behaviours.  

  • Android is unable on some devices (we have seen this on kindle) to allow you to take a photo and upload at the same time. This affects your ability to immediately add images/video to a track in the app. You need to take the photo / video separately and then upload to track when android presents your images/videos as selections.

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