The ultimate time-saver for organisers

Floc is a club organiser’s best friend. It’s so simple to use and is here to help with engaging with members, bookings, payments and encouraging more people to get involved. The goal of Floc is to help you attract and retain members.

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The web portal and app makes life easier for clubs and members alike by simplifying the process of registration and collecting payments. Whether you prefer to ask for a monthly direct debit or one-off payments, it saves members having to remember to bring money to every session, and allows clubs to maintain a regular cash flow.

But that’s not all Floc can do! It also serves as a platform for clubs to build an online community, interact with members and encourage even more people to participate. Ultimately, it helps clubs to keep offering great activities so everyone can enjoy doing what they love!

Take a look at the many features that floc can offer you and your business:

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