New Floc features

Floc will be continually updated and here are just a few of the new modules and features in planning and development:


We are pleased to announce that version 3.0 of floc is now live and available to use. The following list will help you to understand what has been changed or fixed. Version 3.0 is an important release as it paves the way for some new features in 3.1 and beyond. Today's release is mainly to address some bugs and improvements (please note that below is for web access only)

  • Improved functionality to prevent duplicate bookings;
  • Fix to resolve calendar display when creating camps;
  • Pay for events/sessions up to 7 days after session date;
  • Improvement to calendar scroll and fix on calendar time order on member accounts;
  • New Feature - on member account creation we have added a secondary email confirmation field to reduce typing/spelling issues;
  • Organisations can now access dashboard on smartphone (manager and admin);
  • Member Account deletion now removes data from courses;
  • Editing sessions now retains previous instructors/coaches;
  • Minimum class/sessions size can now be set to 1;
  • A user can no longer create an account if an existing invite exists for them as a coach/instructor;
  • Completed camp sessions now display in "View Finished Courses" on dashboard (to review previous days register);
  • Instructors/coaches can no longer attempt to access dashboard as the option from their menu has been removed;
  • Fixed date of birth restriction to allow up to current year;
  • Fixed data display issues for profile data;
  • App retirement message (see below).
Coming Soon:
  • New Home Page design to allow easier navigation and accessibility;
  • Notification for Group Messaging;
  • Organisational data changes (course and session movements/changes);
  • Improved cancellation routines.