Your time is valuable – so save it!

Time is money, and Floc is designed to help your club enjoy more of both. It saves you and your staff valuable time, allowing you to focus on recruiting new participants and keeping existing attendees happy.

Here’s how Floc can help:

It’s quick and easy – set up your organisation in 5 minutes and create an event in 3 minutes
It reduces admin – no more chasing payments, banking membership fees or trying to work out who hasn’t paid
It’s automated – our smart system will chase non-attenders for you, and if you use our easy direct debit payment process, there’s no admin to do for 12 months
It’s all in one place – use the straightforward dashboard to see live attendance data and financial information
It saves you money – the average admin cost of running a programme with 200 attendees is £9,500 per annum – let Floc cut your costs down
It’s value for money – our pricing policy means that you pay nothing up front, and with just 5% commission on each transaction, it allows you to keep growing
It frees up your valuable time – leaving you with more time for planning, recruiting or just enjoying a moment to yourself!