The Story of Floc

The history of Floc started when Stuart Twigg, co-founder of Floc, identified the issues that came with managing a club or organisation.

Stuart, who was also a county and national level tennis player, had been running his own coaching academy business for 22 years. The struggle to keep up with the admin as well as the constant issue of having to chase members down for payments, forced him to consider his options. Upon exploring the possibilities of using systems like WhatsApp and Facebook to improve communication, and introducing standing orders to keep monthly payments coming in, it wasn’t long before he realised that all of the challenges his organisation faced weren’t being tackled.

Rob Crossland, co-founder of Floc, had been involved in technology systems for a long period of time. After talking to his friend, Stuart, about his business challenges, it became apparent to both of them that there was an opportunity to develop a service that could help not only the both of them, but other organisations which face similar challenges. A solution needed to be created. It needed to be simple for administrators and coaches as well as provide the members with features that would improve their experience with the club. The idea of Floc was born.

Now available if you’re a user and free registration if you’re an organisation/club, the system will provide you with the tools to make running your club easier. Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Reduced admin
  • Easy event creation
  • A communication tool between coaches and participants
  • No more chasing parents/members for payments

Time is money, and Floc is designed to help your club enjoy more of both; allowing you to focus on recruiting new participants and keeping existing attendees happy.